Uebe visomat comfort eco


Uebe visomat comfort eco...

Price: € 35,00 €*

"Regularly blood pressure measurement with visomat protects from undetected high blood pressure - one of the major risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. With the electronic visomat blood pressure monitors, you can always measure your blood pressure automatically. Whether at home or on the way.

Skin-compatible standard bow cuff for arm circumferences of 22-32 cm

Optional XL cuff (cm 32-42) PZN 7789580

Arrhythmia control = detection of arrhythmias by optical and acoustic signal

Traffic light function for easy classification of blood pressure values

Pulse pressure indicator

validated measurement accuracy according to DIN-EN and ESH (European Society of Hypertension)

Memory for 30 readings and average display

handy zip pocket for storage

Power connector for mains (AC adapter optional)

3 years warranty"

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