Dräger Cicero EM


DRÄGER Cicero EM       Anaesthesia Equipment...


Price: € 1.500,00*




with ventilation, IPPV, SIMV, PCV, manual ventilation (MAN), spontaneous breathing (SPONT), automatic anesthetic recognition Monitor PM 8060 (with module box) for airway pressure and temperature, inhale O2 concentration, expiratory tidal volume, patient compliance, CO2 - and anesthetic concentration, fresh gas balance (halothane, enflurane, isoflurane, Sevorfluran, desflurane), ECG, iBP, NIBP, temperature, SpO2, pulse rate, pleth wave, driving gas consumption for ventilation: 2l/min Air or O2, with module box, used , with hoses, as shown in the Figure:



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